The beginning

“Why in the world would you want to do such a crazy thing?” my mother asked.  Hmmm, Because the world is huge & fascinating & I want to see as much of it as I can? Because life is short and getting shorter? Because it’s something I NEED to do.

I have always been a traveler. I got my first passport when I was 4 and have had one ever since.  I did a lot of traveling in my twenties but then “grown-up” life took precedence over travel. Like many people I graduated from college & started my career. I bought a house, I worked, I took 2 week vacations annually. My dreams of long term travel were  pushed aside. Unfortunately, I listened to that inner monologue that said “Impossible. You cannot quit your job & travel. It’s crazy. What about your 401k, your house, your job? You have RESPONSIBILITIES.”

Two years ago I took a trip to Indonesia & I realized that I could no longer listen to that voice.  I chose, instead, to listen to a new voice. One that said “It is possible. It is not crazy. If you don’t do this, you will regret it for the rest of your life”.

But listening to a voice & making it a reality are very different.

So I planned my escape. I turned off the cable, I cancelled magazine subscriptions, I quit shopping.  I sold the flotsam & jetsam that all of us have & do not need.  I set a date for departure. I rented my house .  I resigned from my job. On January 2, 2011 the adventure of my life begins. Stay tuned.


About Miss Q

I am a travel obsessed foodie, with an inexplicable love of clamato, elvis costello & the unknown
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7 Responses to The beginning

  1. Bill sturdevant says:

    That is awesome to go on a great adventuure like that. my adventure started oct 3 after 105 days and its been great to eat again. back to work on nov 8 life is good again, thanks to all the good care that i got. take care and have a safe journey.

    • Miss Q says:

      sturdy- so glad you are back to “normal”. It was a long road & I am so happy you are better.

      • Bill sturdevant says:

        yes a thousand times better thanks to all that good care you and laura gave me. But the kicker is a 35 year misdiaganoses, 3years dealing with herina surgery that went bad. other than that life is great, im enjoying your adaventuere.

  2. Lana says:

    Hey there…are you there yet? I hope you enjoy the wonderful aroma of the city…an interesting combination of tamarind, searing woks and ‘something-something’.

  3. Laura says:

    Suzanne, I woke up today knowing that you are on your adventure and all I could think about was how could I end up at the airport today instead of at work. Congratulations on making it out of the country!!!

  4. Robert Webber says:

    You go, go, go girl! Like the new travel website and the update alerts. Pictures are great! How did you find your cubby? Lana & Henry coming over to watch part of the Big Game. What’s the buzz on the street there about Auburn vs. Ducks?………… that’s what I thought. About the same as the buzz in the Cove. Have been really sick with some kind of viral bastard. Not eating, or drinking wine. That sick! Better now. The Chesire Cat, aka Max, is supposed to come up Wed. We’ll see. Miss you, Bob

    • Miss Q says:

      too sick to drink? wow. that’s serious. There is group of expats in chiang Mai who are having a Auburn vs ducks game party. kick off is at 830 am. beer & bar food for breakfast……

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