Snacking in SEA

Asians, and Thai people in particular, love to snack. meat on a stick, fresh fruit, chips, banana pancakes, roasted ears of corn or other unidentifiable foodstuffs are ubiquitous. Carts, roadside stands or a 7-11 are never further than a few minutes walk. (don’t be hating on the 7-11; it is a lifeline here, I mean where else can you get chips, shampoo, underwear, hot-dogs & an ear cleaner?)

In addition to my obsession with noodles, I also seem to have an unhealthy relationship with chips. (crisps for you Aussies & Brits) Thailand has an amazing variety of chips & so, I have been on a quest for the “best chip ever” & here are few of the most recent entries into the great chip quest.

sweet basil chips. Actually these were a bit weird. Thai basil and potato. Just not a good combo.

spicy seafood chip. A poor imitation of a shrimp cracker. Not horrible, not great.

nori crackers. Ok , so they are not a chip. But they are so good that I would be remiss to not include them. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these crackers. sweet, salty. crispy, goodness. I will miss them most of all.....

rice cracker with pork floss. Again not a chip, but so weird they had to be included. Totally weird. not horrible. just weird. imagine a sweet rice cracker, with flecks of nori..... not so bad, eh? then add, PORK FLOSS. So, ok, I don't know exactly what pork floss is, I think it's some sort of shredded & dried pork, but really who knows? Anyway, asians love pork floss and it's in a lot of stuff. These would have been better had they not been so sweet.

HOT chip things So, not sure what these were supposed to be, they looked like a cheeto, but tasted like HOT cardboard. see the firecracker? well, that's how hot they were. Firecracker hot. I started coughing just from opening the bag. Never again.

shrimp cracker. so good. the ingredients are: shrimp meat, tapioca flour, oil, sugar, garlic salt & pepper. what's not to like? shrimpy, crispy, salty, yummy. best when paired with cold beer.

chicken peanuts And, yes. I know. Not a chip but these were life savers. I had them for lunch, dinner, bus food, & cocktail nibbles. peanuts coated with a crispy shell that tastes like chicken in a biscuit crackers. someone should look at importing these babies.

mushroom & onion chips... from Scandinavia! Ok, so I was a desperate. I mean who pays 50 baht for a bag of chips? But this particular "mini mart" was no 7-11 and this was all they had. They weren't bad, in fact they were kind of good. sort of like a cheap truffle chip. But still, 50 baht?

Drum roll for the WINNER! Nori lays. These are like crack.or meth. or heroin. seriously addicting. seriously good. WTH USA? why "no have"?

Pringles I didn't try.... but only because i was too cheap.

* There are about a million wacko pringle flavors here,(most of which I have not tried) aside from the usual they have: bangkok chicken wing, lemon & sesame, crab, seaweed, Indonesian satay and…….I swear to god, blueberry hazelnut pringles.  What must that taste like?  The pringle people must  have some serious potheads in their test kitchens. Just sayin’.

So there you have it. the chipscapade.  Did I miss any of your favorites?


About Miss Q

I am a travel obsessed foodie, with an inexplicable love of clamato, elvis costello & the unknown
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5 Responses to Snacking in SEA

  1. Pam says:

    Love this! I did something similar on our Semester at Sea voyage – China had the most disgusting flavors (Mexican chicken tomato flavor, Italian meat flavor, cucumber) while South Africa had some good flavors – chutneys, etc. I can picture the nori flavors being very tasty. I love the description “hot cardboard”…mmm…good.

    One piece of advice…do not try the soft shell crab flavor Pringles. Someone had a tube of those on the ship that they passed around the lounge one night. Not good at all which I totally expected.

  2. Laura says:

    Best post ever! I LOVE chips!
    PS, I have pork floss in my kitchen. Really.

  3. Judy Ludy says:

    Delicious! Who doesn’t LOVE a good crisp!!!

  4. Wendy says:

    Great post….I think we saw Pork Floss Buns in Singapore…and I can attest to your chip problem! I wanna know what those Thai Pringles taste like – the satay or the grilled chicken. And don’t even think of bringing me back any of those chicken peanuts – those sound nasty, but then again I don’t like Chicken ‘n a Biscuit. Keep posting food stuff – I like reading anything from you, but it is fun to see, and read your foodie perspective.

  5. dede says:

    i love (thai) snacks too !
    but you have to try ENTREE, it’s chips from lean pork, very tasty !!
    and I’m from Indonesia, and we dont have pringles “indonesian satay” here ! 🙂

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