See Eat Do: Kuching

If you haven’t heard of Kuching it’s  high time you did. Kuching is located in Sarawak Borneo. And despite being one of the wildest places on earth, Borneo is an amazingly easy place in which to travel.

Kuching is in the SW corner

Borneo is a nature lovers paradise. Beaches, jungles, wild rivers, orangutans, proboscis monkeys, lizards, crocodiles & pygmy elephants  are all within arms reach.

The 21st century has definitely arrived in Kuching.  There are shopping malls for those who feel the need for retail therapy,  a lovely pedestrian mall lines the waterfront & Kuching also has a small but vibrant chinatown. The people here are quite varied & despite ethnic & religious differences live peacefully together. The 3 main ethnic groups are Chinese, malay, and indigenous Iban. The food here is equally diverse: Chinese, malay & seafood. lots of seafood.  I have been slurping my way around this town for 5 days now.


There are lots of interesting sights in & around Kuching. Within 30 minutes of the city is Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center where you can see orangutans in natural habitat. Because there is insufficient natural forest in the surrounding area, releasing the apes in not possible. But they are free to roam the park’s boundaries are & semi wild.

male Orangutan

Kuching itself has lots of places to wander aimlessly. Chinatown, Jalan India, the weekend market & waterfront esplanade are all worth a stroll.

Chinatown temple

Fred Meyer, meet your competition

Have market, will travel

View from the riverfront esplanade

wild ferns at the market


Bako National park is a definite must do. It’s a day trip from Kuching, many people spend the night, I didn’t because, well, to be honest, I heard the accommodation was all kinds of “scary”  & I’m sort of a pansy when it comes to rodents and cockroaches…. & grotty bathrooms,  but if you are made of tougher stuff than me I would recommend staying the night.

Everyone who spent the night saw all sorts of wildlife… me i only saw this fellow who lives near the lodge

hairy pig

Bako National park

View from the cliffs at Bako

Take a cooking class. it’s a fun way to connect with the culture & meet other travelers.

pandan leaf boxes i made. they were filled with coconut gelee & corn. bizarre.

Chicken rendang. made it myself!

The cultural Village just outside of Kuching is “village” made up of traditional people & their houses. Definitely touristy but a worthwhile outing just the same.

sarawak cultural village... do you know birds nest soup is made from real bird's nests? it' s the saliva they extract. ewwwww


Kuching & Malaysia in general is a fabulous place to eat. Here are some of the highlights.

oyster omelette. succulent baby oysters fried with egg & served with chili sauce. terrific.

Congee: rice & chicken with fried garlic. yummy breakfast.oodles of noodles

tigers prawns: I picked them out of a tank & sentenced them to death

oodles of noodles

koh lo mee: egg noodles with soy, pork & green onions. delicious & famous in kuching

rojak: fruit with spicy & slightly sweet soy based sauce

salty plum iced tea, a perfect drink on a sweltering day

steamed fish with ginger & green onions

sarawak asparagus: ferns


So if you are planning a trip to malaysia, Borneo is definitely worth the effort. Cheap flights from KL & most every airport on the peninsula can be found . And while in Kuching stay at Nomad it’s great place with friendly staff, a cool common area & great place to meet fellow solo travelers. The all day breakfast is a big bonus!




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I am a travel obsessed foodie, with an inexplicable love of clamato, elvis costello & the unknown
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2 Responses to See Eat Do: Kuching

  1. Miss Q says:

    no komodo dragons, I hope to see some other strange & big critters though! heading to North borneo today & will be on the river for 5 days.

  2. Miss Q says:

    no komodo dragons… they freak me out ! I am heading to north borneo today & hope to see more big critters.

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