I  started a blog because:

I want to keep in touch with friends & family while I am traveling

I want give some (hopefully) sage travel advice to fellow travelers

I want to have a forum provide social commentary during my travels (Which may be rants, loosely connected thoughts & images or whatever the hell I am thinking at the moment)

I would like to introduce people to the great food of Asia

1. I curse. I LIKE to curse. There will be curse words all over this fucking blog.
2. I will block anyone who mentions Eat Pray Love. seriously. It was a bad book, a worse movie and has nothing to do with me.
3. I am shit at punctuation. and syntax.
4. I am often irreverent and the likelihood that I will offend somebody is pretty great, so if that somebody is you, simply STOP READING. really. it’s a great big internet out there……..


3 Responses to Disclaimers

  1. Geri Marz says:

    Safe travels, Suzanne! I look forward to reading about your adventures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Syntax and punctuation look fine to me. Phuketian contempt not so much…

  3. Jouni says:

    Great blog, Suzanne! – Any updates?

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