The Route

My itinerary at a glance.

My hope is that I am able to stay on the road for 14-15 months.

January ’11- March ’11. ( 9 week loop )Thailand. The usual traveler haunts of Bangkok & Chaing Mai. Most likely take in some other northern thai towns such as Pai & chiang rai.

Slow boat to Laos & Luang Prabang. Still not sure about the rest of laos ( vientiene, pakse, 4000 islands, POJ,  etc) What I do know, is that I will not be tubing in Vien vang.

Cambodia. Siem Reap & angkor (natch) & Phnom Penh. The verdict is out on battambang.  Any Battambang fans or foes out there?

February: After talking with a fellow traveler & new found friend, i have decided to head to Burma in February. The wet season in Burma is in full swing in June & malaria & dengue are endemic. Not one to challenge the fates where nasty illnesses are concerned, i will head somewhere else in June.

Back to Bangkok in March to meet R & S. Our trio will venture down to koh Tao to scuba dive. We may explore Krabi, koh lanta & other areas of southern thailand. R & S depart March 27.

April & May: Indonesia: 2 months. bali, lombok & gills. Hopefully, S, E & J  will meet me in in Bali. Would like to dive in the bandas but not sure I’m into the slog required to get there. I’d love to hear some indonesian diving advice.

June: ???

early July:Bhutan: 10 days. All i can afford. But wouldn’t miss it.

Late july -? early august. Nepal:  3-5 weeks.Itinerary TBD

August-November-ish. India: Big country. lots to do & see. W will join sometime in sept for several (maybe more) months.  tentative itinerary : Varanasi,Rishikesh, Dharmsala, amritstar, kashmir (barring great political strife), mumbai, mysore, cochin, kerala backwater trip, madurai, pondicherry.  and maybe a hill station or 2 for good measure.

december: 2012 Sri Lanka. one month. itinerary TBD

january . Back to India. Rajastahan. one month-ish.

February: Turkey. 6-8 weeks ( if my money holds out)

late march. home. to the peoples republic of portland. oregon.


4 Responses to The Route

  1. Lu Zoller says:

    Suz, according to a former co-worker, there is some huge lake in Turkey where the city that was there can be seen underwater. Should I research for you?

  2. Chris says:

    Hi S – It’s Chris, the Canadian who you met in the Chiang Mai cooking class. I’ve finally made it to your blog (I’m home now) and I’m glad to know you enjoyed the serpent head despite some initial fears. 🙂

    Happy trails. I look forward to keeping up with your adventures via this blog.


  3. aline bish says:

    Finally figured out how to send you a comment, only took how many months? Well I am loving every minute of your trip as all my co-workers are. They love you especially Robert and Eddie. They hound me for new posts and have I checked my email all the time. I forward to many people and print them off for Mom. You look great and I can tell you are happy. Good for you! All my love and support you rock! A.

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