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I am a travel obsessed foodie, with an inexplicable love of clamato, elvis costello & the unknown

The Dangerous Side of Paradise

Today was a great day for paddle boarding: Calm seas, 30 meter viz and loads of turtles popping up to say hello. But on top of that bluest of blue water I was uneasy and nervous. This is why.   … Continue reading

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Paradise for Sale

All good things come to an end and so must my adventure on Gili Trawangan. Gili T has been my home for nearly 4 years now & I have really loved this little island with no motorized transport, vibrant coral … Continue reading

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One More Pagoda: A Burmese Adventure

Burma has always been on my list of destinations, however, when I first started traveling in 2010 I was too much of a pantywaist to travel here on my own: It seemed so difficult, so unpredictable & and, well, …. … Continue reading

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Homesteading: Indonesian Style

I opened a drawer in my kitchen and I knew I had become my grandmother. There was a ball of string, “lightly used” tinfoil, washed but used cheesecloth, twist ties, and, the very rare & very valuable, rubber bands. I … Continue reading

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Miss Q has Returned

Miss Q has returned.   The Big Adventure has been neglected & deserves an update. 2013 was a year with high highs and even lower lows. Moving to a tropical paradise was exhilarating. It took every penny I could scrounge together … Continue reading

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The Indonesian smack down: Indonesia 1 : American 0

Surprisingly enough, when the other shoe drops it sounds less like a THUD and more like a THWAAAAAACK .   Preparing for my move abroad was really pretty easy. My house and car sold quickly, I managed to get rid … Continue reading

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The Games Begin

I arrived to my new home in Indonesia with high hopes and rose colored glasses. I am no Pollyanna and I was sure my illusions (delusions?) of life in paradise would soon be dashed….. but I didn’t think it would … Continue reading

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The Next Big Adventure

So sorry dear readers (all six of you), if it seems I fell into the abyss. My last entry was from Malaysia, which seems about a million years ago.  I will catch you up to speed…. After Malaysia I headed … Continue reading

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Foodie Dreaming: Malyasia

It is because of some arcane Indian visa rule that I find myself in Malaysia for the second time in 5 months. And I would just like to say “thank you, India”. At first I was beyond irritated that the … Continue reading

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One year on the road: What I know so far

I can hardly believe a year has passed since i left Portland & set out for the great beyond. I know that some of you (dad) thought this would be a one way journey to slackerville, and while I admit … Continue reading

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